Terms and Conditions

Hand Decorated & Hand Made Tiles

The tiles made and decorated by us at Tiles of Stow are made by hand, therefore a certain amount of variation is to be expected. With this in mind it is important that you examine your tiles before they are fixed, so that should there be any complaint, replacements can be made with a minimum of inconvenience. Tiles of Stow Limited are unable to accept complaints after tiles have been fixed.


The information and sizes in our website are as accurate as possible. If you have any queries, please phone for further information. Tiles of Stow Limited reserves the right to update and change specifications as and when necessary.


The colour reproduction on our website is as accurate as your browser and computer will allow. However, variations are bound to occur, which are beyond our control. If you are in doubt, ask us for samples to be sent to see exactly what you will be ordering. (A charge for samples may apply)


Make sure that you have ordered enough tiles to complete your project as later batches may differ. We also recommend that you order extra spare tiles to be kept for remedial use in the future.

Plain Tiles

Most plain ceramic tiles are subject to variation. It is important that before fixing, they are graded and checked so that a pleasing mix is achieved. Under no circumstances can Tiles of Stow Limited accept complaints after tiles have been fixed. Make sure that you have bought enough tiles to complete the job, as later batches may differ.

Work-top Tiles

The majority of glazed tiles with a shiny surface are unsuitable for work-top use. Tiles of Stow Limited cannot accept responsibility for tiles that have become scratched or damaged due to improper use.


Most ceramic tiles are subject to ‘in-service crazing’ over a period of time. Such crazing is a characteristic of glazed tiles and not an imperfection.

Floor Tiles

All floor tiles must be examined before they are fixed, so that if there is any complaint, replacements can be made. Hand-made and machine-made terracotta floor tiles, slate floor tiles and stone floor tiles are sold subject to the condition that their nature is fully understood and accepted. They are also sold on the understanding that the procedure for laying and sealing is understood. (Instructions for laying and sealing terracotta, slate and stone floor tiles are available on request.) Under no circumstance can Tiles of Stow Limited accept complaints after tiles have been fixed; neither can we accept responsibility for badly laid and sealed tiles.

Quotations and Price

Drawings, Plans and Specifications

Any drawings or specifications supplied are approximate unless otherwise specified. Every care is taken to ensure that any measurements which are given on a plan or drawing are correct. However it is impossible to predict the exact problems that may arise during fixing, and therefore Tiles of Stow Limited cannot take any responsibility for any unforeseen problems that may arise when the tiles are fixed.

Replacement of Faulty Goods or tiles surplus to requirements

Terms of Payment


Tiles of Stow Limited reserve the right to refuse countermand in the case of goods despatched or in the process of manufacture or where we have been directed by the client in writing to purchase or make goods not normally kept in stock.


In the case of cancellation, all or part of any deposit placed will be retained to defray our resulting costs, without prejudice to our right to claim from the customer a further sum where the full deposit does not cover our total costs. Final payment for goods supplied must be paid at least four working days before collection or delivery of those goods, unless otherwise arranged in writing.
Should payment not be made by any dates previously arranged, Tiles of Stow Limited reserves the right to charge 2% per month of any outstanding amount owing on an order, until payment has been made.

Credit Accounts

Credit is given to customers at the discretion of Tiles of Stow Limited. Where a credit arrangement is made, payment shall be due within the time period agreed. Tiles of Stow Limited reserves the right to charge 2% per month on outstanding accounts.

Delivery Service

For all deliveries we will quote a delivery time depending on the type of tiles and the service you choose. When your tiles are delivered, please check your order is correct within 48 hours. (See ‘Replacement of Faulty Goods’ above). If your tiles are being sent direct to site and you are not able to check them personally, your tiler MUST be made aware of the tiles you have chosen, in order that he/she can check them on your behalf.

It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you allow extra time prior to installation in case your order is inadvertently delayed or incorrect. Tiles of Stow Limited cannot accept responsibility for consequential costs in lost working time in the unlikely event that your order is incorrect, faulty, delayed or postponed.

Bacs Transfers (Bankers’ Automated Clearing Services)

Due to fraudulent activities relating to bank transfers, Tiles of Stow Ltd have implemented the following policy with any transfer of funds into its bank account. Please read these carefully BEFORE you make any transfer of funds into our account.

If you are transferring funds into our account please make sure that you double check that you are putting in the correct amount! For security reasons, Tiles of Stow Ltd reserves the right to retain overpaid funds for the time that it takes to verify that the funds and the account that they are drawn on are genuine and have been cleared. Please note that we also retain the right to pass on any bank charges that may be incurred due to any error made on your part. We will send out your goods 3 – 5 days after the transfer has been made to ensure that the funds are genuine.

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